Hi There, I'm Dereck!
I am a self-taught photographer, born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I reside in the Seattle Metropolitan Area. I specialize in Automotive photography and dabble in portraits and weddings from time to time. I started my photography journey back in 2017 while I was working at Park Place Ltd. While working at a car dealership it piqued my interest to start taking photos of cars since I loved cars and the art of photography. I study at YouTube University and still do to this day, as I will never learn everything and continue to learn as much as I can. I know during my journey I've had my ups and downs as a photographer but I've had a ton of continuous support from my friends, strangers on the internet, and even clients who enjoyed my work which gives me the motivation to keep on striving to be a better photographer. whenever I bring my camera out, I enjoy challenging myself and doing something new or learning a new technique.
the one thing with art that I've learned is that there will always be someone who will appreciate what you've created no matter what.
anyways... Enjoy some fun facts about me:
I collect Pokémon and sports cards
I can do pretty cool kick scooter tricks
I am an avid snowboarder
I enjoy off-roading
I Love To Travel
oh! and I also enjoy doing cross-fit 
DEReck 📷
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